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Consultancy – between cliché and expertise

Let’s do an exercise and imagine that we are at the beginning of a project or business. Ours!What we wish is to know from the outset how much it costs us, how long it lasts, what are the results we will get, and, as a bonus, we would like to have the guarantee of success, and, of course, if things don’t evolve well, we would like to go back where we left off, as if nothing happened. We would like to do something we like or something that relaxes us, even though we may not know exactly how to do it, or which are the steps that should be followed to get there. We would call on a consultant, who certainly knows, can, and wants to invest all his time and skills in turning our dream into reality. And even if problems of any kind may arise, he would solve them immediately, that is why he is a consultant...

Let’s do a second exercise of imagination. We are consultants. Our purpose would be to know everything, to provide quick, immediate, reliable, perfect answers. We would have the answer to any question. Whatever our client asks, it can be done. For any problem we would have not only a solution, but a multitude of solutions, which will all come to mind at the same time. We are wonderful...

What we have just imagined above are the clichés that destroy the myth of consulting. Clients who are waiting for miraculous solutions, and consultants who think they know everything and have solutions to everything. Such a combination always generates dissatisfaction on both sides. As a consultant you need to be aware that you cannot offer everything, therefore you cannot answer any question at once, you cannot express your opinion about everything, but you must have an overall vision of your client’s project or business. SO, WHAT IS CONSULTANCY?

Synesis Partners - between cliche and expertise

For US, consultancy means expertise and devotion, put at the service of our clients, but without nurturing exacerbated enthusiasm or fanciful solutions. Consultancy means correct and documented answers, not necessarily immediate ones. Consultancy means realistic and innovative solutions, without breaking the law and the rules. Consultancy also means permanent work, the pleasure of seeing the vision turning into concrete, the passion for everything we do, equal treatment for each client, and objectivity in all our actions. Consultancy means having the power to tell the client when it is time for him to stop, when his decisions are affected by subjectivism, when the risks of failure for a business or project are higher than the chances of success. For US, consultancy means vision, respect, and honesty in the relationship with our partners. And it also means confidence that all these things are possible! This is why 5 years ago we started on this adventure and we move forward, changing the way professionals do business!

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