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2 Destructive habits you should get rid off immediately

Many times, we feel that we have lost the peace and well-being we would like to have at the beginning of a day. We wake up tired, stressed, frustrated, we feel that our body wants rather to break us down than to help us. We put the blame for this on the people around us, on air pollution, on the chemicals added in our food, on the news about coronavirus, without realizing that before all these factors, which should nevertheless represent very real concerns for each of us, our main enemy is ourselves, who consciously or not sabotage our health and productivity.

We challenge you to give up for a week two deeply destructive habits which did not exist on a large scale 20 years ago, but which today are responsible for much of our daily personal and professional discomfort.


For some of us, it seems quite a challenge to give up the morning SNOOZE, which we experience repeatedly before getting out of bed. The specialists have proven that SNOOZE has a destructive impact, both physically and psychologically. Physically, our body and brain go into a state of rest during sleep. Upon awakening, the organs begin to accelerate their functioning rhythm, preparing for a new day. Therefore, that extra half hour spent in bed, when the phone rings every 5 minutes, shakes the brain, which perceives a state of imminent danger and generalized confusion, with a negative impact on the functioning of the whole body. If we were curious to measure the pulse and blood pressure during the SNOOZE period, we would observe very large amplitudes of these parameters. If we also monitor the level of adrenaline secreted during this period, we will understand that our body relives every morning a permanent thriller, in which it fights for survival with imaginary enemies that threaten its safety. Psychologically, SNOOZE is equivalent to starting a new day with a defeat, with a proof that our will and motivation can be very volatile, creating in the subconscious the propitious environment to accept unconditionally whatever the day will provide us, especially failures and defeats.


A very destructive habit is to work from bed, to read in bed things that require attention and concentration, to stay connected to technology (whether we talk about Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp, or Netflix on the phone), to fall asleep with the TV on, etc. Our brain will no longer differentiate between the office where you prepare reports and reply to emails and the bed where you should rest. Therefore, do not be surprised when the brain will subconsciously confuse the office with the bed and you will get an unexplained sleep at work during reading something, nor when you will try to fall asleep in bed, and your brain will be more alert than at the college entrance exam. Psychologists have found that in recent years, the quality of sleep has decreased on average from 7 to 4, putting this decrease on the lack of self-education of the population who does not understand that discipline and organization are the basis of the well-being we want, both physically and mentally. Therefore, let's try together, for one week, to exclusively associate the bed with the resting place (no phone in bed, no reading in bed, nothing related to work in bed), where we go strictly when we feel asleep. You will be surprised by the results!

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